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Abode of Stillness, Silence & Surrender @ Tiruvannamalai

Guidelines !

Dear Devotee,

Welcome to Sri Anantha Niketan.  We wish you a pleasant stay.

We have listed down a few guidelines to facilitate a harmonious functioning.

Visitor Information:  All foreign Nationals have to fill in a Visitor’s record on arrival.  

Kitchen: The Center serves lunch and dinner. Breakfast is also served whenever possible. (Check this at the kitchen).  Kindly make entry for your meals in the food register preferably 24 hours early. This will help the kitchen to plan and execute.              

Please adhere to the meal timings to help the kitchen staff to finish their duties.

Participation: Help in the kitchen for cutting, cleaning and dish washing is welcome and much appreciated.  Also any other help in the garden or maintenance would be a lovely contribution. Any such participation is purely voluntary!

Room Cleaning: We request you to keep your room clean during your stay. However if you are on a long stay for more than a week and you need additional help please check at the kitchen.

Toilet Paper:  Our toilets get clogged if toilet paper is flushed.  If you have to use toilet paper, kindly collect it in the garbage bin provided in the toilets and periodically burn them at the specified place.

Dressing up: Wear clothes that are appropriate for an Indian village and Ashram environment. (It will be good for women to keep their shoulders and legs covered)   Kindly also avoid intimate physical contact with partners in public.

Electrical Equipment: Do not use any electrical equipment in your rooms as our power-supply cannot take much load - mobile chargers are OK.

Stillness and Silence: The ashram is a place for Self retreat, introspection, and surrender. We love the support the place is able to give toward this.  We look forward to your contribution in supporting the stillness and silence of the place.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact Gopi & Chitra: ananthaniketan@gmail.com / gopi.chitra@yahoo.com